The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day

Can indie developers create an AAA type game?

The answer below! The Uncertain – an adventure game from ComonGames dev studio. It’s just gettingready to launch, but already earned a good reputation – the project was presented in several exhibitions and many websites and received a lot of positive reviews. Of the thousands of visitors of the game on STEAM, 99% said YES to the project.The game belongs to the popular genre of interactive movie where the player constantly interacts with its environment, gradually moving through the story. The action takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting: humanity died in result of war and
its place was taken by former servant robots. The story revolves around one of those robots. Player takes the role of the robot-engineer who lives in the village abandoned by people. When interacting with objects, robot expresses his thoughts and ideas guided by the logic of the robot, which is vastly different from human logic. For example, if the robot will express his thoughts on the furniture – he will note convenience for any type of work and mechanical characteristics, but not the aesthetic components like colors or elegant form. But that’s not the point of the game – the main character seeks to know people better than he could by reading old books. The whole game is built around this idea and who knows; maybe in sequels our hero will be much more humane than he is now… The plot is not disclosed, but the games of this genre traditionally have good and detailed stories.

The project is being developed on Unity game engine , and provides a very pleasant picture. The graphics in the game reaches the level of the AAA class titans, replete with modern effects and looks very nice. Cinematic cameras and smooth transitions make the gaming world very addictive.

The high quality background music is already available on the game’s website.Expected release for mobile devices and consoles.Developers promise us to bring into play not only quests and stories, but also add action elements, car chases and even stealth system . If these promises come true –
who knows, maybe one of the most interesting adventure indie games awaits us. Let’s wait

The Uncertain is where the creation begins!