sketches @NextCastle2015 party

Hello there! As you may have heard, ComonGames participated in NextCastleParty2015 @ Saint Petersburg, Russia this weekend.

Our teammate’s Andry”Roger_kun”Trynov report on the event.

The first thing that interested me was a Retro area. These old school consoles and PCs, each of them u can play. Actually – a tournament was held (I’ll tell later about it). The Retro zone was represented by dandy, Sega, Guitar Hero, and the other old school games. Sadly, these games were offline.

Next station were the table-togethers, like Genga and other table games. There were many of them (unfortunately, I never got to hold any). Many guests enjoyed that table stuff and played a lot, and a shy girl over there was eager to show the variety of games to the visitors.

An Indie developers sector. There were several round tables (rather small, by the way: enough for 1 laptop, but too small for 2). I put out our banners immediately – and prepared the equipment for presenting our Bomberlands game. Actually, I spent most of my 1st day by that table.

The last one was the Cyberzone, a place for the esport tournaments. This area was quickly occupied by the players, who grabbed mice and keyboards, put their fingers on WASD and began to shred each other.

The cosplayers set the tone of the party, enjoy the photos!